15 of the Best Dog Blogs, Podcasts, and Instagram Accounts to Inspire your Next Dog-friendly Adventure

If you are dreaming of future dog-friendly hiking adventures and looking for some good online inspiration, this list is for you. Here are 15 of the best blogs, podcasts, and Instagram accounts that center around hiking with your dog.

As you read through this post, be aware that all links to external blogs, podcasts, and Instagram feeds open in new tabs. So don’t hesitate to click. You won’t lose your place on this post.

Adventure Dog Blogs

1. Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly is a fantastic resource for those who travel with dogs. This blog is all about figuring out ways to include your dog on your trips when leaving your best friend behind is not an option.

While the website itself is a great resource for dog-friendly travel, the blog is full of a variety of helpful advice and recommended travel itineraries.

In fact, we even have a guest post on this site:

And as an added bonus, the family behind Go Pet Friendly just adopted a new puppy. So if you follow them on Twitter or Instagram, you are sure to find plenty of puppy pictures this year.

2. RobinVentures

When it comes to dog adventure gear reviews, RobinVentures is the go to site! Robin is a small pomeranian – chihuahua mix who goes on big adventures with his family.

Along the way they have tested so much dog gear. So if you are looking for a new harness, jacket, dog-boots, or other outdoor apparel for you dog, this website is a great place to do a little online research.

3. You Did What With Your Weiner

The humorous blog name, You Did What With Your Wiener, was created in honor of an adventurous hiking dachshund. The blog is an excellent resource for dog gear reviews, hiking and camping with dogs information. It also includes some hiking trail guides (mostly in the pacific northwest) and general dachshund topics.

4. Hiking Girl with Dog

Another West Coast adventure dog blog, Hiking Girl with Dog offers many reviews/guides of trails in California and the surrounding states. This blog is also a great resource for gear reviews and general hiking with dog tips.

5. The Adventure Dog Blog

The Adventure Dog Blog has a lot in common with us over here at Pawsitively Intrepid. The blogger behind this blog is based in Minnesota, recently attempted a full-time RV trip (unfortunately cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic), and offers a variety of dog adventure related blog posts. From gear reviews and hiking trail guides to training tips there are plenty of blog posts to read on this site.

6. Groundbird Gear

While Groundbird Gear is mostly known for the custom harnesses and trekking packs that they create for dogs, their website also has a very helpful blog and resource list for people who are interested in thru-hiking with their dog.

The blog at GroundbirdGear.com, mostly consists of interviews with people who backpack with their dogs. There are some great interviews on this website. So if you are a backpacker and looking to bring your dog out on the trail with you, check out this site first.

7. McSquare Doodles

McSquareDoodles.com follows two Labradoodles, Bernie and Lizzie, on their adventures around the Tucson, Arizona region. In addition to their pup field trips posts, this blog offers lots of very helpful training tips. Many of these which are quite practical and easy to practice on your daily outings with your dog.

8. Dogs That Hike

Dogs That Hike is both a blog and a great Instagram account. Their hashtag #dogsthathike has become pretty popular on Instagram On the day I wrote this post there were 1,689,747 posts using that hashtag.

But the blog itself offers more than just great pictures, focusing on gear reviews and expert advice for hiking with dogs, as well as dog adventure inspiration.

9. Animals Aboard

If you are interested in RV adventures with your pets, Animals Aboard is a great resource. The blog offers pet-friendly RV park reviews, sightseeing reviews, and other advice for those traveling in a motorhome with pets.

10. Long Haul Trekkers

Long Haul Trekkers is a truly inspirational blog. The writer of this site, Jen, shares her adventures with her dogs, proving that you really can have a dog and travel too. Sora, the dog who inspired the blog, traveled to nearly 30 countries with her people. She even joined them on a two-year bicycle trip across Europe and South America. Talk about inspiration!

Sora is no longer with Jen, but they have a new pup, Sitka, and are still providing valuable resources at LongHaulTrekkers.com. This blog continues to share dog-friendly places to hike, stay, and explore while also providing the basic information you need to travel with your dog.

Adventure Dog Podcasts

11. Adventure Dog Podcast

As the name implies, this podcast is specifically about adventuring with your dog. The host, Nathan Berry, typically interviews an adventurous dog and their human once every week or every other week and shares these stories on the podcast. The podcasts are the perfect addition to a neighborhood walk/hike with your own pup. Or listen to them while you are driving in the car on your way to a hiking trail.

Currently, this is the only podcast about adventuring with dogs that we listen to over here at PawsitivelyIntrepid.com. But if you have any recommendations for other podcasts, we would love to hear about them in the comments section below.


Instagram is a great place for those who are inspired by photos of dogs out on beautiful adventures. While there is no shortage of stunning dog photography on Instagram, below are a few of the accounts that we think have pretty inspiring people to.

And remember, many of the blogs (and yes the podcast too) have Instagram accounts that are worth following. Here are their handles:

Okay, back to our favorite Instagram only accounts.

12. @BriannaMedia

Utah adventures, van-life, and dogs that are important members of the family. This account is perfect for those looking for stunning photos of dogs in the desert accompanied by heartfelt captions/posts. Brianna does an amazing job of sharing her experiences with her dogs. And her dogs are living a life so many would be jealous of.

13. @_grizel_

We started following Grizel in 2019 when she thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. She started her journey with her dog, Rue. Rue didn’t complete the AT, but Grizel did. And while not all of her posts are focused on Rue, her dogs are a big part of her life and are included in many of her adventures.

14. @HikingwithArrow

And speaking of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, Arrow did complete the AT in 2019 with her human. While they are not thru-hiking this summer, this is still a fantastic instagram account filled with plenty of inspiration for those of us who are interested in thru-hiking with our dogs.

15. @AdventureswithRoobs

Another beautiful instagram account documenting an adventurous pup is Adventures with Roobs. Located in the pacific northwest, there is some stunning scenery included on this Instagram account.

And of course, we have an Instagram account too. We would love to see you there!

Hope you find some inspiration among these resources. We certainly have.

Happy Hiking,

Kate & Glia


Kate is the writer of Pawsitively Intrepid. She has spent the last 9 years working full-time as a veterinarian, treating dogs and cats. But as of June 2023, she is taking a year to travel with her dog, volunteer, and work on some passion projects.

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