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We invite you to come along on a great American road trip, as Glia and Kate set off to visit the 46 National Parks in the 48 contiguous United States.

Our National Parks adventure will start in April 2017 as we head south from Minnesota to Arkansas. As we visit each park, we will be documenting our journey with photos and blog posts. The first stage of our adventure will be a 3-month trip in our RV to visit all of the parks west of Minnesota. The plan is to then break up the eastern parks into smaller road trips, as we hope to do some backpacking together in several of these parks.

National Parks are not always the most dog-friendly travel destinations. In fact, if you know about National Park pet regulations, you may be wondering what we are going to do about Channel Islands National Park and Isle Royale National Park. Both of these parks are islands and have protected ecosystems that don’t allow dogs. Our solution: we will get as close as we can, take a picture, and then find nearby hiking trails to explore.

You may have also noted that technically, there are 47 National Parks in the 48 contiguous United States. However, we are not including Dry Tortugas National Park in our list. Technically, this park is in Florida. But, since it requires a private boat to get a non-service dog to the entrance of this island park, it can’t really be considered contiguous.

Blog posts will appear in order of the journey as they are completed. We may not have great internet service throughout this adventure, so please forgive us if posts are a little spotty. Follow us on social media for the most up to date information.

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  • Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, is a unique national park. Where many national parks were formed to preserve dramatic landscapes and unique ecosystems, Mesa Verde National Park preserves history. Ancestral Puebloan People lived in this area for around 700 years. If you travel the southwestern area of the

  • Located conveniently off of I-40 in Arizona is an ancient preserved forest. Scientist suspect that 225 million years ago, this region was a humid and subtropical climate with trees as tall as 200 ft. As they were washed away and buried by silt, soil, and volcanic ash, the conditions were

  • Stretching for over 270 miles is a trench in the earth that is up to 18 miles wide and one mile deep. Visiting this impressive canyon is awe-inspiring. Almost indescribable. It certainly leaves me breathless every time. Located in northern Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most

  • Saguaro National Park is a desert garden sprinkled with too many towering giant saguaro cactus to count. To the east, these cactus are set against the backdrop of the Rincon Mountains, creating scenery just waiting to be photographed. This national park is split into an east and west portion, separated

  • Located beneath the Guadalupe Mountains, is an extensive cave network protected by Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The park contains more than 118  of the over 300 limestone caves in this area. The caves are part of a fossil reef formed by an inland sea millions of years ago. While Carlsbad

  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a relatively small and refreshingly uncrowded national park. Only an average of 170,000 annual visitors come to explore the 85 miles of hiking trails. Compare this to the 4.1 million visitors who explore the much larger Yellowstone National Park and you can appreciate the difference

  • Imagine a remote landscape of arid land and mountains, hours drive from a town of any significant size. Imagine a silver river snaking through a deep canyon or a wide open plateau with birds circling overhead. Big Bend National Park is one such magical place. Big Bend National Park is

  • Hot Springs National Park

    Located in Arkansas, Hot Springs National Park is one of the few dog-friendly National Parks in the United States. It is a unique mixture of city streets and hiking trails that was built around its main feature – hot springs. The hot springs have been a main attraction for hundreds

  • If you grew up in the United States like I did, there are only two borders that you can cross when taking a road-trip out of the country: Mexico or Canada. Crossing into Canada is relatively easy, but what about when you are taking a pet with you? Read on

  • Road trips are a tried and true method of adventuring and traveling the nearby world. There is something so invigorating about hitting the open road and cruising to places previously unknown. As an added benefit, driving is one of the most pet-friendly modes of transportation. However, traveling with pets does