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Pawsitively Intrepid is a passion project created to combine a love of travel and adventure with a lifelong fascination with the human animal bond.

Meet the Team


Kate is the writer of this blog. For her, the best part about blogging is the excuse to take more adventures and shamelessly over-photograph the dogs and cats in her life along the way. She enjoys the many new experiences that come with outdoor adventures. Sharing those experiences with four-legged companions has been a very rewarding part of her life. She currently works as a small animal veterinarian in Minnesota.


A black 40 pound mutt (see her DNA results here), Glia came into Kate’s life in 2011. Kate picked up this bouncy little pup from a local humane society during her second year of veterinary school. Glia has always loved the outdoors and never backs down from a hiking challenge. Her joy of adventure has fueled Kate’s own love of the outdoors and made much of this blog possible.


The newest addition to the Pawsitively Intrepid team, Sasha is a King Charles Cavalier mix weighing in at only 12 pounds. She joined the team in time for the 2018 National Parks road trip. Sasha was able to visit 36 national parks before she turned a year old. Although small, she tackles adventure head on and is always ready for a hike.


Part of the original team, Frisko is featured in many of our feline posts. He was a wonderful feline companion that lived with Kate (and later Glia) from 1999 to 2018. Although, he spent most of his life as an indoor-only cat, in his later years he began exploring the backyard and enjoying peaceful urban adventures.

Our 3 Main Blog Post Categories:

National Park Adventures

In April of 2018, we started a 3 month road trip to visit 36 of the 46 national parks in the contiguous United States. We returned in July and are in the process of planning our visit to the remaining 10 national parks. Why not all 59? Logistically, traveling with a 40# dog via any mode of transportation besides a car gets a little tricky. Alaska might be in our future someday, but for now we are sticking to the “lower 48.”

Dog Adventures

Currently, this category contains a wide array of generalized dog topics. However, the large majority of our focus is on local outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with your pup. In 2017, the year of this blogs creation, we lived in La Crosse, WI. You will find some great hiking trail suggestion for that area. As of August 2018, we are moving to the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. Stay tuned as we explore the plethora of dog-friendly spaces in this region.

Cat Adventures

We wouldn’t want to forget our intrepid feline companions. The Pawsitively Intrepid household is a frequent host for foster cats and kittens and we love to share their stories with you. This section also contains general cat topics and posts about helping your cat explore the great outdoors safely.

Please explore the site and enjoy reading blog posts about a wide variety of topics from fostering kittens to backpacking with dogs to volunteering with international veterinary organizations. Find our search bar either on the side of the page (if using desktop) or at the bottom of this page (if using mobile). Or visit our table of contents. 

If you have suggestions for topics you would enjoy reading about, let me know. This site is still a work in progress and I would love to know more about what interests you.



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