Top Ten Reasons to Foster Kittens

Top Ten Reasons to Foster Kittens

My personal fostering story started in March of 2016. I purchased a house in June of 2015 and finally had a spare room and the ability to determine how many pets lived in my home (pending city laws of course). When my local humane society started expanding their foster program, I decided it was time to add a few temporary furry household members. So Shira, a beautiful pregnant cat, entered my life. Over the last year, I have had several cats and kittens in my house. Read on for my top 10 reasons to foster cats:

  1. Kittens are adorable. See throughout the article for photographic evidence.

    Shira and her kittens
  2. You are freeing up space in the shelters for more cats to be saved.
  3. You are giving cats a safe space to wait until they are ready to be adopted
  4. Its low commitment – try out a cat for a few month or two. If you are interested in a adopting a kitten, you will get two whole months (from birth to 8 weeks if you foster a pregnant cat) to decide which kitten has the bst personality.  
  5. Cats are easy – feed, water, love. While any animal that you welcome into your home will require a certain level of care and attention, cats are my personal favorite low maintenance pet. They are interactive (my own cat greets me at the door every day) and most enjoy hanging out nearby or on a lap. Despite being (in my opinion) as great as a dog for all indoor activities, they require significantly less effort compared to raising dogs. Cats come housetrained – just provide a clean, well-located litterbox (Disclaimer: Kittens do have a learning period and some adult cats may have accidents). And since their bathrooms are indoors, they won’t begrudge you long hours at your day job. I find that most cats enjoy and benefit from at least a short period of designated play time, but many cats are just as happy to sit quietly nearby while you unwind and sit on the couch at the end of a long day. 
  6. It can be a tax-deductible donation. Keep receipts of anything you spend and the rescue can write you a receipt of donation. 
  7. Cheaper than having your own cat. Most rescues will pay for the medical care, food and litter of foster cats and kittens. 
  8. Temporarily soothes and reduces desire to become a crazy cat lady…. Just don’t keep them all.
  9. Friends will want to come visit. Everyone loves kittens 🙂
  10. Because kittens!!!!

Interested in fostering? Read about what to expect in the first 8 weeks of a kittens life here.  Then contact your local pet rescue! Many rescues already have fostering programs in place. Have questions about my experience? Ask away in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Foster Kittens

  1. Thanks for writing this post! As someone who has recently thought about fostering, this is a big help. I’m not sure about fostering in the newborn/kitten stage however , definitely a little older. I know kittens need to be monitored more closely than a cat a 1 year old. Nice post!

  2. Fostering adult animals is definitely less supervision. I normally keep the mama cats for a month after the kittens are weaned (so they can be spayed, etc), and they are so easy to have around. Good luck deciding to foster! It really is a lot of fun no matter the age (or species) you pick. All the fun of having a pet with less commitment.

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